Terms of Grant Acceptance

Grantee agrees to the following general conditions:

  1. Repayment: Grantee shall repay any portion of the amount granted that is not used for the purpose of the grant. Grantee shall also repay any portion of the grant that is not expended for the purposes of this grant. Such repayment shall be made by Grantee immediately after receipt of Foundation’s demand for repayment.
  2. Reports: Within thirty (30) days after completion of use of grant funds, Grantee shall make a final report detailing all expenditures made with grant funds, including progress made toward the overall goals of the grant. If grant funds are not expended within one year after their receipt, Grantee, within (30) days following the twelve (12) month period, must submit a full and complete report including:
    1. Manner in which expended funds were allocated
    2. Progress made in accomplishing purposes of grant during twelve (12) month period
    3. Reason Grantee was unable to comply with this 12 month requirement for expenditure of entire grant.
    4. Included with this report must be a request for the continuation of the grant period for a specific length of time. If approved by the Foundation, Grantee must continue to submit updates of this report every thirty (30) days. If request is not approved, grantee must be prepared to return unused portion of grant to Foundation.
  3. Records: Grantee shall maintain books and records showing grant funds separately on books; expenditures shall be maintained in such form that they can be readily checked. Grantee shall keep records of the expenditures, as well as copies of reports submitted to Foundation, for at least four (4) years after the completion of the use of the grant funds. Grantee shall make its books and records available to the Foundation for inspection at reasonable times.
  4. Prohibited Uses: Grantee shall not use any of the grant funds to a) carry on propaganda, or otherwise attempt to influence legislation; b) influence the outcome of specific public election or to carry on, directly, any voter registration drive; c) for any grant to an individual for travel, study or other similar purposes by the individual (unless the grant satisfies the requirements of S4943(g) of the organization as described in paragraph (1) (2) (3) of S509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) unless Grantee exercises expenditure responsibility with respect to such grant; or d) for any purple other than religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational.