At the end of a prosperous career, George Greenwell, his current wife Gertie and his daughter Ann diligently worked to create a foundation that would help those in the Owensboro community who were most in need.

This desire was inspired by George’s first wife and Ann’s mother, Joan. When George fell in love with Joan, she was in a wheel chair or crutches. Polio permanently impacted Joan’s life but she met every challenge with courage. George noticed when they were out that people struggled to interact with Joan. George also lost his only son, Howard Greenwell, at age 35. George wanted to lessen the struggle of those, like Joan and Howard, who are sometimes overlooked.

While the mission of the foundation is not isolated to those with physical limitations, George certainly developed the Foundation’s purpose with the heart of man who understands life’s challenges.


The Greenwell Foundation supports programs that offer assistance to the poor, disadvantaged, and most-challenged citizens of Owensboro and Daviess County, Kentucky, in a manner that will bring positive and lasting changes to their lives.