Our Founder George Greenwell

In 1952, after marrying Joan, my first love, I began working in Evansville, Indiana as a bookkeeper in a sawmill that made barrel staves for whiskey barrels. The money was good – but I wasn’t happy. I felt unfulfilled. I had a burning desire in my chest to make my mark at something – I wasn’t sure what – but I was pretty sure it wasn’t whiskey barrels.

After a couple of years, I learned about an opening in a small, local mortgage company. It was in Evansville, Indiana – where I lived and worked at that time. On Saturday morning, I put on my best suit—as a matter of fact it was my only suit – and went in for an interview with Nick Carter, the owner. At the conclusion of the interview, he offered me the job and I accepted—right on the spot. I was so excited that I was about to bust and couldn’t wait to get home and tell Joan the good news.

Well, I told her alright — but she didn’t think it was good news. “How much does this new job pay?” she said. $240 a month, I answered. She almost had a stroke. My salary at the stave mill was $650 a month at the time.

I felt unfulfilled. I had a burning desire in my chest to make my mark at something – I wasn’t sure what – but I was pretty sure it wasn’t whiskey barrels.

I did a little bit of everything at the mortgage company – managed rental properties, worked in the insurance department, closed loans – everything except what I wanted to do. I was confident that I would be happy and successful in loan production. After years of hard work and commitment to my vision, I opened Lincoln Service Corporation.

Lincoln Service Corporation was a pioneer in the nationwide wholesale and correspondent mortgage industry; becoming one of the largest issuers of mortgage back securities as well as one of the recognized mortgage servicers with offices located throughout the US; maintaining corporate offices in Owensboro, supporting the community and providing hundreds of individuals with not only jobs, but successful careers in the industry.

Through mergers and acquisitions, LSC is now the mortgage division of the 5th largest bank in the nation; U.S. Bank and is known as U.S. Bank Home Mortgage (USBHM). USBHM is the 9th largest mortgage originator and 10th largest servicer in the nation. It is currently the 2nd largest employer in Daviess County with multiple physical locations providing career opportunities and serving the community through sponsorships and volunteerism.

George Greenwell Lincoln Service MortgageGeorge devoted the majority of his time striving to build a successful business and provide a great work environment and opportunities for his employees. He was active in numerous industry trade groups, a member of the Owensboro Rotary; served as a Trustee on the Board of Kentucky Wesleyan College from 1984 to 1993 including a stint as chair of the Development Committee. George was also the founder of the Concert on the Lawn a partnership with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra and Kentucky Wesleyan College which after more than 30 years is still one of the top attended free community events held each August.

His current passion is the Greenwell Foundation.